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Our clients – professional services organizations – are unlike many other businesses.  They are collections of strong individuals:  independent minded, opinionated, and energetic.  Consulting to them is often referred to as “herding cats.”  Turns out, after 20 years in business, we have developed quite a knack for “herding” cats.  The secret is to understand them, enjoy them, and support them.  If you do that, you still can’t herd them, but you can help them. 

We understand that our clients succeed because of their relationships with their clients and members. Their products are knowledge and responsiveness. We help them with systems that automate as much of this as possible, without compromising their ability to provide the personal touch.

As our clients work they generate and accumulate large quantities of documents and data. They need systems that efficiently record that data, and report on it in a variety of different ways, depending on their needs internally and the needs of their clients.  The best way to collect the data is as a by-product of workflow.  The best way to keep the data accurate is via self-correcting systems and procedures.  The best system choices have a low on-going cost of ownership.  The best way to introduce a new system, a change in an existing system, or a new way of doing things is a four-step consensus-building process we call The Four-Facet Method.

Our clients helped invent document management.  They not only work with static, historical documents, they also need solutions to help them efficiently create and manage a large volume of original documents.  Different systems and approaches are needed for these two different types of documents. 

And, above all, our clients need solutions that help them communicate and collaborate – from wherever they are working.   And they work everywhere.  They work on projects or matters, so for them to quickly access the documents and information they need to work fast and be responsive, their systems must organize email, documents, contact information, and matter information in an electronic project-centric or matter-centric collection. 

We understand that these are the challenges our clients face, and the kinds of tools our clients need.  We help them set priorities to address these challenges.  We explain things.  We help them make good decisions.

Posted November 23, 2010 by dnovachick

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