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Founded in 1992 by Deborah Novachick, Strategic Automation Consulting is a group of experienced, community-minded management and technical consultants who specialize in creative technology solutions planning, selection, implementation, and management. Our clients are leading, smart, often extremely innovative professional services organizations, mainly law firms, associations, educational institutions, and corporate legal departments. For profit and not for profit. Our clients are known for their close relationships with their clients and members. Many have a long history in their geographical region or field of expertise. Like us, our clients have close ties to their communities.

We understand our client’s business issues, not just their technical issues. This sets us apart from many other technical advisors. We also understand the very fast evolving vendor community that serves our clients. We have seen where it came from. We understand where it is going. We can differentiate between the products and services of a wide variety of vendors. We are recognized experts in the legal automation community, often called upon to teach and facilitate.

Our experience is based on over twenty years as technology consultants, in-house automation managers, technology business owners and managers, and system specialists with vendor organizations. And we have worked with – and as faculty, taught — each of the main groups within our client firms: legal staff, administrative managers, and support staff. We understand the different perspectives, and, as a result, can see more, hear more, and communicate better.

Our consultants partner with you to help you through various transitions where we have a great deal of expertise, but your in-house staff may not. The transitions include the technology issues associated with starting a new firm, merging, spinning off from a parent firm, better integrating your branch offices, adding a new practice area, expanding, doing more with less, reducing your reliance on paper hard copies, going green, improving disaster preparedness, improving collaboration, supporting telecommuting and flextime, reducing the space used for paper file storage, increasing lawyer and paralegal use of technology in the practice of law, improving work-life balance, supporting multiple generations and diversity in the workplace, and many other types of transitions.

We join your firm temporarily, but we take our commitment very seriously. Like an employee we make a commitment to the best interests of the firm and the goals of the projects we are involved in. But in our case, the firm does not add an employee or incur all the attendant costs. And our consultants work conscientiously and independently, minimizing the amount of management required.

As our company name conveys, our focus is on automation solutions that address strategic priorities. For a system to achieve this result it must be selected and implemented with appropriate backing by management and input from the system’s users. Selecting, designing and implementing a system in this way requires leadership. We can provide that leadership. We also provide the supporting technical and operational services needed to make the project a success.


Our Logo

The image in our logo is a fine historical photograph, INGOMAR and ELMINA, 1907, by James Burton, acquired in honor of Jack Aron for the Rosenfeld Collection of Images at the Mystic Seaport Museum, Mystic, CT (www.mysticseaport.org).  We chose to license this image for our logo because we see it as a beautiful and powerful metaphor for the wellbeing of the team and the success of the mission depending on getting the best from the crew, being attuned to the present conditions, and achieving the right balance. Making sound automation and management decisions is often referred to as steering a ship and navigating difficult waters. Staying ahead competitively is often described as winning the race.  We like to think the boat in the lead represents organizations made more competitive and successful following the advice of Strategic Automation Consulting consultants.

Posted November 19, 2010 by dnovachick

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